Ukrainian Lady and a Wheelbarrow

I just found out I have kind of collection of my pictures taken with... wheelbarrows. And I am not just posing with them, I actually work! Well, I am posing with the only one - this one:
In Viking Museum, Canada
The picture is taken in Viking Museum, just when I moved to Canada. As you can see, the wheelbarrow is made in old Viking style, all wooden, with only metal frame on the wheel. As for Canada or USA, this kind of wheelbarrow are already a museum artefacts, in modern Ukraine, where I am originally from, many households still have it, so did mine.
Also, more and more new styles of wheelbarrows are appear on Ukrainian market nowadays. They have a metal ones as well, like this one, which I work with in one of my travels to Ukraine, at the archaeological excavation of the medieval castle in West Ukrainian city of Skalat:
At Archaeological Excavation in Ukraine
Finally, I would like to show you my current wheelbarrow, which I work with nowadays in Canada, on my garden. The picture is taken in 2010, when we just started our Canadian garden:
Ukrainian Lady with a Wheelbarrow
What do I have on the top of this wheelbarrow? A sifter for the topsoil! Everyone in Canada knows how topsoil is rocky over here - not like in Ukraine, where it is soft like a butter. So I have insisted that my husband Ron made me that sifter and I will sift the topsoil from the rocks. I didn't want to make a raising bed for growing my vegetables, like everyone is doing here - I wanted to have my garden in Ukrainian style. Ron said absolutely reasonably that it will take me a lifetime to drain of the rocks through this sifter, but he made me one, anyway.
After first year of my gardening, I could see, Ron was right, so I gave up on sifting. I just picked up bigger rocks, that's it. Main thing, that top soil is fertile, just like in Ukraine, and my garden is growing great! The picture with my wheelbarrow and the sifter are just a part of my Canadian gardening memorabilia :)

Our Best Traveling Memories, Part 1

Happy couple is taking horse and buggy ride in Lviv, Ukraine
Well, it is 9 years this year (2015), since we, Maria and Ron, know each other - we met online in 2006 and got married in 2007. I am a Ukrainian wife in Canada now, very happy here and we both made a good Ukrainian-Canadian couple/team.
Among our regular life, living in picturesque Canadian countryside, taking care about our garden (yes, we started a vegetable garden over here), doing a lot of home cooking, crafting (I also started to make crafts and sell them on local markets), blogging (I wish I could do it more often) Ron and I like to travel. We have travelled to many places in Canada and Ukraine; also, we have been to few countries, and some more places to visit still on our list.
Today, I would like to share with you some of our travel memories, which we are cherish a lot, like, visiting beautiful Prince Edward Island, or Jamaica, or cruising with Carnival Victory. Hope you enjoy the videos from our trips! More to come!

Belly Dance at the Wedding in Ukraine

There is a new trend at Ukrainian weddings, I would say, in past 10 years - to invite dancers, singers and musicians to perform at the wedding. This video is from the wedding in western Ukraine our family have attended in 2013. The belly dancer is performing at the wedding of our close friends daughter. The bride herself was a part a local belly dancers group by that time, so her band mates have decided to make a gift for her - to perform at the wedding. Great performance, by the way!

My first home-baked bread in Canada

My first home baked bread

Yes, this is my first home-baked bread in Canada. Well, the first one in my life :)
In western part of Ukraine, where I came from, girls know how to bake a bread in their 16-17-th! When I was that age, I was thinking about going to University, finding a job at newspaper; at the same time, my classmates from high school were thinking about getting married, so they learnt all household skills possible, like, how to cook, bake and to be good wives :)
I am kinda late to that party - I mean, family life's party :) - - but better late than never, isn't?

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