Elena's Models: How It Works?

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It works very simply. Just click here and create your Elena's Models Account. It is for free. Then study all the services Elena's Models has. Which one membership plan would you like to choose?
If you just placed your profile on Elena’s Models, you are getting a Silver Membership automatically. So, now you can create a list of your favorite women from this site. Believe us, it is going to be a big list! You will feel yourself on the website, like a kid in candies store :)
But! To access any of beauties you have chosen you need to upgrade your Silver Membership to the Gold Membership. The Gold Membership plan gives you lots of advantages, and first one of them is, you can view additional extra-large photos of ladies you like (with Silver Membership you can see only a main photos of ladies).
Second great advantage of the Gold Membership plan is a very unique opportunity for you: before you mail any lady you like you can make sure, if she is really interested in contact with you. This way you are saving your money and your time and this way is sending an Expressions of Interest to the ladies. What is it? You are opening a profile of lady you like and click on the “Send of Expression of Interest message”. Elena’s Models site automatically sending your profile to the lady you like. Except your profile, the lady will get a short message that you are interested in her. If she is interesting in you too, she will click “Interested”, if not, you will get "Not Interested", so you will receive an answer from her anyway. Now, if you see that woman wants to receive a letter from you, you can write her. And since you started to correspond with a woman you like, you don’t have to pay sending each one your e-mail to her through the Elena’s Models website: there is no such a thing as “pay per e-mail” if you already paid for your Gold Membership.
With your Gold Membership you can mail to 50 ladies of your choice. Also you can send UNLIMITED amount for Expression of Interest messages with the Gold Membership.
But, without any doubts, a Platinum Membership is the best. You can send UNLIMITED amount Expression of Interest messages and UNLIMITED amount of mails to ladies you like with your Platinum Membership. There are more advantages of the Platinum Membership, click here for info.
Now, if you are very busy man and you don’t have time for searching a Woman of Your Dream personally, a special Matchmaking Plan on Elena's Models is ready to help you (here is more info how it works).
However, if you don’t want to pay for any memberships at all, there is still opportunity for you to find a woman of your dream through Elena’s Models website: you can purchase individual contact info of ladies you like. One contact cost $15 (UNLIMITED amount of mails to and from one woman of your choice). Also, you can buy 10 contacts for $49 (UNLIMITED mails to and from 10 ladies of your choice). But please note: viewing of additional extra-large photos of ladies and sending of UNLIMITED Expressions of Interest are not included when you purchase individual contacts. These features are available only with purchasing of Gold or Platinum Membership.
So, you decide, which one Elena’s Models service is the best for you:
Buying individual contacts;
Gold Membership;
Platinum Membership;
Matchmaking Plan.

Good luck in your search! We believe that you will find a Love of Your Life through Elena’s Models, like we did!

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