Ron wanted to stay in Ukraine and every day ask me to marry him till I say "Yes"

Ukrainian Bride Canadian Groom

So, grateful Elena's Models, I have found my love too. The Destiny gave me a double gift. First, a loving husband, and second, he is Ukrainian, like me (but he was born in Canada). But the most incredible thing, his ancestors from the West Ukraine! From my motherland!
Ron still remember a lot of Ukrainian words and sentences, he is speaking them with amazing Galician accent. Our first night when we met in Lviv he remembered so many Ukrainian words! He said he feel herself in the West Ukraine like home.
Actually, in this our first night I liked Ron, for the first time. I felt in him something very "mine". It seemed to me, we was growing together :) (in spite of big difference of age between us). I felt about him something like about guy from my village, my good buddy. So my first feelings to Ron were mostly friendly. I have fallen in love later.
Ron says, on contrary, for him it was love for the first sight. In second day of our meeting he was ready to ask me to marry him! I guess, it is "family's quality". Ron's oldest brother felt in love with his future wife for the first sight too. Ron told, that, probably, his brother wanted to ask this nice girl to marry him, on first day of their meeting. But his brother was needing a week to study how to say properly "I love you" and "Will you marry me?" in German (brother's wife is German). So, this family lives happily already more than 40 years!
On 10th day of our dating Ron asked me to marry him. Frankly speaking, I was scared. I said him, "My heart says "yes", my mind not sure yet". I was thinking day while I said to Ron, "Yes". Now I can to imagine, what he felt during that day while I was thinking. Now he says, he has made one important decision during that day. He decided to stay in Ukraine and ask me to marry him. Every day, till I will agree :)
We had our wedding in August, 2007, in Lviv Museum of Folk Architecture and Culture. The same Museum which we visited August 2006 and where Ron understood he wants to marry me :) More about our wedding you can read here. I just want to say that it was great ceremony in old Ukrainian style, in wooden Church of XVIII century, in traditional Ukrainian costumes, with the best folk West Ukrainian musicians. Also you can see some video from our wedding reception.