I Was So Happy At Their Wedding Like It Was Mine

British Ukrainian Marriage

Valentine Day, 2004. I feel, I am tired to be alone. Three jobs and glory of the one of the best journalists of my city doesn't make my heart warm anymore. I am 37 years old. I am not just an "old maid", I am very "old maid", for the Ukrainian opinion. I am thinking, what I spent my best years for? Just for making money? For proving, I am the best in my occupation? OK, but why so successful journalist is staying alone for Valentine Day? The answer is very simple: it is because I lost all the chances to be successful in my personal life, while I was building my career. All the men of my age and older are already married. All my classmates have children and some of them even grandchildren! Yes, it's truth. The marriage age in Ukraine it is 18-25 years old. After 25 you are already "old" (in some villages of the West Ukraine girl is "old" after 20, if she not married yet).
And I made a decision. First time in my life I asked "somebody" to help me to find my One and Only. "Somebody" it was a first Internet dating service which I joined exactly on Valentine Day 2004. For Ukrainian opinion, it is a big shame when girl or woman cannot find a man by herself and when she is asking for a help of matchmaker or some dating service (in newspaper or online). But I thought in that moment, "It doesn't matter! I have a goal to find my love. I will find it. So, no matter, which way".
Frankly speaking, first time I didn't believe that Internet dating will work for me. But! Several days after my joining to my first Internet dating service my mailbox became full of letters from men of different countries! Couple weeks I was the happiest woman, at least in my city :) Then I started to study Internet dating more carefully. Oh my God! I got so much information! I discovered for myself, how many not serious men surfing on dating sites for searching just adventures and fun! And how many women in Internet would like to use men just for money! First time I have read about "scam" (I didn't know what is it). So, when I started to search My Man in Internet, I got a lot of information about web dating at all. My friend-journalist Tanya knew that I am seeking for a man, so she asked to help her too. "You know this business better than I do", Tanya said. She was divorced, with 16 years old daughter.
Well, then I started to help Tanya. I placed Tanya's and my profiles to different dating services, but it didn't work. And finally one lovely day I found it! It was Elena's Models site, with a lot of testimonials of ex-customers who got married with help of this service. So, I placed Tanya' s and my profiles over there.
And... I couldn't believe, but it is for real! Tanya met her man through Elena's Models in 2005, and they got married in 2006. I cannot explain how excited I was at Tanya's wedding! Some guests even joked, that I am so happy like it is my own wedding :) Yes, it was truth! "We did it!!!", I have repeated to Tanya and her husband Bill several times. Yes, we did it. It was almost year of hard work, but what a result! I am very proud of Tanya, she is so strong-willed woman. She wanted to be happy so much that she overcame all the difficulties on her way. As Tanya didn't have computer at home, she used to go to Internet cafe every single day to read and write her e-mails (which means spending lot of money for using Internet). At the beginning I helped her with her letters, because Tanya didn't know English well. She was studying German all her life, at school and at University. But just in one year (!) this smiling and optimistic woman has learned spoken English to almost fluent level! At least, Tanya spoke English on her wedding perfectly!
Now I am telling about Tanya's experience to every woman which doubts that she is able to find her own destiny. I am telling about Tanya as about the best example of an optimism and big desire to get her family happiness. And I was not surprised absolutely that Bill has chosen Tanya from lots of women who wrote him through Elena's Models (almost every man getting about 100 letters from women on this site).
Now Tanya, Bill and Tanya's daughter Lilya live happily in Liverpool (England). When my husband Ron and I had our wedding in 2007, of course, we have invited Tanya, Bill and Lilya, but, unfortunately, they couldn't make it. But their hearts were with us in day of our wedding!

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