Jim Made Olya's Eyes Smiling

They found their love online

Here is a story about Olya and Jim. Olya is a journalist, she is my best friend since 1989. When another friend of mine Tanya and I have found our destinies with help of Elena's Models, Olya still was divorced. She was so disappointed in men! Even Tanya's and mine lucky examples of finding right men online didn't convince Olya very much. I asked her many times, since she got divorce, "Let me help you to find a good man through good dating service!". Olya used to answer "no" categorically. "I don't believe in men anymore", she used to say.
But January, 2007 Olya said me, "Finally I am ready. Please place my profile on this site where did you find your Ron". And February, 2007 Olya already met online Her Man, Jim from Iowa (USA). But! It was SO hard work for me (and, of course, for Jim) to convince Olya that Jim is REALLY Her Man. When Jim started to write to Olya, she didn't think that this story would be serious. So I recognized in Jim Olya's man more quickly than she did. I saw from his letters and poems (yes, he wrote poems special to Olya!), how clever, romantic, humorous, kind and devoted he is. I asked Olya, "How come you don't see it?". Many times I had repeated to her, "Olya, it was 100 times more easy for me to help Tanya than you".
But, again, what a result of this hard work! Now Olya and Jim in love and they are married! They got engaged three days before Ron's and my wedding.
Jim has fallen in love with Olya for the first sight (like Ron with me). But if Ron has fallen in love with me just at our first meeting in real, Jim has fallen in love with Olya's picture first :) He got more than 100 letters from women through Elena's Models, he saw more than 100 pictures of Slavic beauties, but just one picture really touched his heart. During two weeks he was looking at the photos of different women, but all the time his look kept coming back to one picture only. It was a woman from the West of Ukraine, a woman with big and sad blue eyes. It was Olya :) "What can I to do to make these eyes smiling?", Jim thought. And finally, he decided to write to this woman with sad blue eyes.
Now, look at their picture (it was taken at our wedding). Do you see sadness in these big blue Olya's eyes? I doubt :) So, I am proud again, because all of us together did a really good job (Elena's Models, Jim and I) :) My best friend Olya is happy and smiling!

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