Let Internet To Be A Saint Valentine To You!

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Find your love in Internet through Elenas Models!

Find your soul mate in Internet thru Elenas Models!

My connection with Valentine's Day is a big story. In my small city in West Ukraine in the year 1993, Saint Valentine’s Day was virtually unknown to the local people. It was not a tradition to give flowers and gifts to a loved one and “I love you” just did not have that same special meaning in the Valentine’s Day tradition. Actually, we didn't have any chocolate hearts, it was a post-Soviet period in Eastern European history, and almost all the shelves were empty in our stores.
I was a journalist of newspaper "Zakhidna Ukraina" ("Western Ukraine") then, and my best friend-journalist Olya and I used to make additional money for writing plays for many of the events in the city. A couple weeks before Valentine's Day I read a little article in the Russian newspaper "Komsomolskaya pravda" about Valentine's Day and that this day is coming soon. I said to Olya, "Let's write a play for the Valentine's Day and sell it.We probably will earn some money". So, we did it. We wrote our play for the celebration of Valentine's Day, we sold it and got paid. I am not sure about Olya, she probably had a romantic mood in that day, but I was just thinking about surviving (almost every journalist in Ukraine required to have a couple jobs in that time because it was impossible to live on only one income).
So, we sold our play for Valentine's Day to the one of biggest stage of our city and they made a special show of the Valentine Day event. It was the first celebration of Valentine's Day in the history of Ternopil (Ternopil it is the city of the Western Ukraine, a population of 204 thousand citizens, and is the centre of the Ternopil Region).
In the next years we had more and more signs of Valentine Day in our city; more plays, more roses and more chocolate hearts. Ternopil was now celebrating Valentine Day along with the rest of the world. But, I guess, many Ternopil's men are still complaining to me that now they must spend money for the flowers and gifts for their beloved women :):) Or, maybe, they used to it already. Because now, every year, when is February 14th is coming, my small Western Ukrainian city remind me a big basket of flowers :) I can see lots of men on the street with roses, tulips and snowdrops :) Isn't amazing?
Well, I continue my Valentine's Day story.
In 2004, on Valentine's Day, a guy whom I loved very much was not interested in me anymore and he was chasing another woman. So I went to my best friend Olya and we had a small women’s party, and I said, "Olya, do you know what I am going to do now? I will put my profile on some Internet dating agency! Right now, from your computer!!!" I had decided to do something with my personal life. I forgot that it is big shame for a West Ukrainian girl or woman to search for a partner with help of somebody such as a marriage agency, matchmaker or Internet. The meeting of that special person was supposed to happen spontaneously. I forgot about traditions. I wanted to change my life. I was full of hope. I was full of hope in different moments of my Internet dating story, when everything was working good and even when everything was crushing. I was working very hard for my Internet-relations and at the same time I was helping a couple of my friends to find their match. I didn't know I had a matchmaking talent, but, I think, Saint Valentine knew it better than I did :) :)
So, what we have now? We have three marriages already! I am very proud, I helped to my friends Tanya and Olya to find their matches thru Internet. And I eventually have also found my husband through the Internet. If I only knew in that Valentine's Day of 2004 of how many people I can make happy! If I only knew that the Internet will be such a Saint Valentine for me :)! No, I didn't guess it then. I just had a big hope and big desire to change something in my life.
Now I have a good experience of Internet relations and Internet matchmaking. And I can give some advice to people who would like to find their personal happiness, but don't know how to find it. Actually, I have two the most important tips for your.
1. DON'T BE SCARED TO SEARCH YOUR LOVE THRU INTERNET! If you really would like to find a good match and if you do not want to have a bad Internet dating experience, LEARN A LOT! Read special books about Internet-relationships before you start your Internet-search.
2. PICK A REPUTABLE INTERNET-DATING AGENCY! Before I found a right Internet-dating service, I tried a several different one, but without successful results. I spent a lot of my time and money, but I am not complaining, I got a good experience. You can learn from my experience and the experience of others that successfully found their match on the Internet. Two marriages in three years, and with help of just one good dating agency, I think, that is really something! The name of this agency is Elena's Models. All of us (Tanya and Bill, Olya and Jim, Maria and Ron) met each other on Elena's Models site. So, in our opinion, it is a very reliable Internet dating service.
Well, today is Valentine's Day-2009.
In 1993 I brought the Saint Valentine's Day to my city.
In 1997 I didn't even know how to use a computer mouse :)
In 2004 I started searching my destiny thru the Internet.
In 2006 I met my love online and in 2007 we got married.
Between 2004 and 2008 I helped for two my friends of mine to find their soul mates online as well.
I cannot believe that I really accomplished it :) But I did it!
So, don't be scared, go ahead! Let Internet to be a Saint Valentine to you!

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