Blonde Day In Ukraine

Olya, a charming blonde from Ukraine

Ukrainian blondes are the best!
Gorgeous blonde from Ukraine

Since 2001 blondes of Northern America are celebrating a Blonde Day. It was idea of Blonde Legal Defense Club from Los Angeles, to have a special National Blonde Day. The idea was supported of blondes of many countries, including Russia and Ukraine. The Blonde Day came to Russia in 2006, to Ukraine in 2008. A celebration of Blonde Day in Ukraine will held in Kyiv, a capital of Ukraine, and Lviv, a biggest city of Western Ukraine. Blondes from Kyiv’s “Charming Blondes Club” will have a festive party. May 31, 2008 Lviv “Love Radio” arranging a party for blondes in club “Sophia”.
A goal of Blonde Day is to break traditional myths and stereotypes about blondes, ZIK has commented. A mission of the Blonde Legal Defense Club is “to stop the widespread belief that blondes are dumb and incapable”.
Yes, I have heard lots of jokes about blondes too. I know that some men treat blondes not very serious. But why a “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes”, at the same time :) ?
Well, I am not a blonde, but I respect blondes very much. One of my favorite movies is the Legally Blondeand Reese Witherspoon is one of my second favorite actress (after Meg Ryan). All my life I wanted to be a blonde. All my life I wished to have fewer requirements to myself from other people, like many blondes do. (“She is a blonde, so, what do you want to her? Do not expect very much, you better help her, that’s it!”). No, I was required about everything like a non-blonde. I had a feeling like I am… not really woman or something like that. Anyway, I still have a chance to change my hair color to blond :), but I do not want to make my husband disappointed, he loves my hair color very much :) Besides, during my life I got a lot of knowledge, how to be a blonde without not being her :) Some things I studied from my friends-blondes. Yes, I have three great friends-blondes, Olya, Tanya and Halya. All of them are journalists. Two of them are natural blondes and one is colored. If to take a character of personage of Reese Witherspoon in the Legally Blonde for a blonde’s standard, just one of my friends has 100% of Reese’s hero in her personality. Another friend is “50х50” of Rees’s personage. Finally, third one my friend is not like a Reese’s hero at all! She is rather like a hero of Sandra Bullock in the Miss Congeniality:) Three of my blondes-friends are amazing women! If to follow the popular myths that “blondes are dumb and incapable” and brunettes are clever, each of my blondes-friends are smart like 10 brunettes!
Also every Ukrainian knows a blonde, actually, it is a most famous blonde in Ukraine - Yulia Tymoshenko. Some media call her “Ukrainian Iron Lady”. She was a Prime Minister of Ukraine (twice) and she is clever like 100 brunettes :)
So, have a happy Blonde Day, our dear blondes!
P.S. Three my blondes-friends, Olya, Tanya and Halya, met men of their life online. So, dear gentlemen, if you prefer blondes, you can find them here.

Volodymyr Lototskyy, known violinist and comedian from Ternopil city (Western Ukraine)

My friend Volodymyr Lototskyy, violinist and comedian from Ternopil city (Western Ukraine) knows hundreds Ukrainian and Polish jokes about blondes.

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