We Found Our Love Online

They found their love in Internet

Jim and Olya at Maria and Ron's wedding, August 4, 2007, Ukraine

We found each other in Internet

Ron and Maria at Olya and Jim's wedding, August 3, 2008, Ukraine

Olya and Jim, very good friends of us, which found each other on Elena's Models website (with my help as a matchmaker :) got married August 3, 2008, in Western Ukraine. Olya is from Ukraine, Jim is from USA.
August 4, 2007 Ron from Canada and I, Ukrainian girl, got married in Western Ukraine too, and we found each other on this website as well. Jim and Olya had been at our wedding in 2007, Ron and I were a special guests at their wedding in 2008:)
We also have a friends in England, Tanya and Bill. They found their love in Internet too, on the same website and with my matchmaking's help (to be matchmaker it is my hobby since 2004, I love it very much!).
Olya, Tanya and I, three girls-journalists from a small Ukrainian city, were working hard to find our soul mates and to build our family happiness, and finally we got it! Now all of us are very grateful to Elena's Models website not just for the happy chance to meet each other, to fall in love and to get married, but also for the amazing opportunity to make a good friendship between our families. Yes, all of us live in different countries now, but we are friends, our families are keeping a contact with each other. I was thinking about that we made something like Elena's Models community :) what is just great!

Ron and Jim: Ukraine girls really knock them out!
Ron and Jim:
"Ukrainian girls really knock us out!"

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