I Am Happy Making Other People Happy

Olya from Ukraine and Jim from USA found their love online

Olya and Jim's Ukrainian-American wedding (August 3, 2008)

There is one movie in a world's cinema, which remind me my personal story. This is a Russian movie "Odinokim predostavlyaetsya obshchezhitiye" ("Lonely The Hostel Is Given"). I think, it is my favorite movie now. Before I will give you a brief describing I want to notice the movie was filmed in Soviet Union (1983), so many realities from those times may be unknown not just for western people but even for young people in FSU (today's 20-years-old generation). Ok, so, about what is going on in the movie. Imagine a big textile factory where are 95 % of workers are women. What means a very little chance for them to find a spouse at least at work. Besides, all these women are living at hostel, sharing one bedroom for two-three persons. But one lonely woman of big heart is living in this hostel. She is about 30 years old, "too old" for getting married, according to the Slavic standards. So she doesn't care anymore about finding a husband for herself, she just doing a big job for making other women's happiness. Actually, matchmaking becomes a hobby for her. The woman is looking for a husbands for her women-friends, sending a letters to the men who placed their advertising in newspapers with hope to find a soul mate. She is arranging a meetings for the couples, who would be a good match, for her opinion. When a wedding car is driving her next newlyweds from the door of the hostel, she feels an incredible happiness. She is also keeping a track of family life of the marriage couples she made, to make sure are they really happy and are they really good for each other. And they really are!
But one day a new manager came to the hostel, a single man with a tough personality who even didn't want to listen a word "matchmaker". I have to explain that there was not an matchmaker's occupation in the Soviet time. More than that, this kind of activity was not very welcomed in the former USSR, the same about placing your dating ads in newspaper or magazine. By the way, our matchmaker in movie even got a troubles at hostel because of her matchmaking hobby. But finally... Guess who became a wife of new grumpy manager of hostel? Of course, the matchmaker!
Well, my matchmaking and dating adventures are different a little bit (you can find more here, here, here and here), but I can see a 90% of similarity between the movie and my story. I wanted very much to make a happiness to my friends too, and I did! With a difference I used an Internet for the searches instead of newspapers. The matchmaking became a my big hobby too. As a hero of the movie, lots of people didn't believe in what I am doing, they used to say me, it is not serious what I am doing, that I never will find love this way, etc. etc. Thank God, I was listening to nobody and I was driven by a strong belief everything will be OK! I was sincere believing during all my online searches that all my friends whom I am helping will be very happy, and I will be very happy as well. So it's happened. Now three of us, women-journalists from the small West Ukrainian city, are happily married, and as a hero of the old movie, I am keeping track whether is everything all right in the couples I made. I must to say, everything is really OK! I just want to quote a few lines from the letter I got from Jim (USA). He is a husband of my best friend Olya, I helped to Olya and Jim to find each other online. "Maria, I cannot thank you and Ron enough (Ron is my husband, we met in Internet too). Probably you will become very tired of my thanks. :) NONE of this would have happened without you, Maria. It is the truth and you know it. I know you do not like to accept credit, but I will always remember... I am very grateful for all your hard work, understanding, kindness, wisdom and generosity. I can never repay you. But I will have fun trying!"
What can I say after these beautiful lines? I just would like to address the the same words to the people who helped us, three happy international couples, to find each other in this big world. This is an online dating service where we all met. So, thank you so much, guys!

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