Olya And Jim’s Ukrainian-American Wedding

Olya and Jim's wedding in Ukraine. They met each other online

Olya and Jim's marriage ceremony in Church (August 3, 2008)

So, Elena’s Models and I did a good job again :) helping two wonderful people to find each other in this big world, which is a small world at the same time, if you are having an Internet at home :)
My best friend Olya from Ukraine (we are friends since 1989!) and her husband Jim from USA met on the Elena’s Models in February 2007 (with my help as matchmaker). They corresponded for couple months and fallen in love just knowing each other from the letters, chats and phone talkings :) Then Jim decided to visit Olya in Ukraine in September 2007. But Ron and I (we met at Elena’s Models too :) had planned our wedding for August 2007, so we sent to Jim an invitation for our wedding. Jim had changed his plans in one night! During the one night he booked a tickets to Ukraine for August and he answered, “I am coming to the wedding, thank you for the invitation!”
It was a big excitement for us that Jim is coming and we never tired to say to Jim a big “thank you!” what he did for us for. He was a special guest at our wedding; the more so, Olya and Jim got engaged in five days before the our wedding! Yes, Jim proposed to Olya in five days after they met in real! Now my husband Ron is joking that Jim won a competition :) Ron proposed to me after 10 days since we met, Jim proposed to Olya in five days since they met in real :)
Anyway, more about this story you can find here, now I would like to tell about Olya and Jim’s wedding.
It was the most romantic wedding we ever been. Olya and Jim had a marriage ceremony in Danylo Halytskyy Church in Ternopil city (Western Ukraine). After the ceremony they are released two white doves as symbol of big love (two doves in Ukraine are symbolize a sincere love and devotion). Here is a video of this touched tradition:

Then a carriage took the newlyweds to the reception's place, the Zorepad restaurant in Ternopil.

The Veseli Halychany the best folk musicians of Ternopil were playing at Olya and Jim's wedding. All the guests (mostly journalists and politicians, because Olya is a known journalist in Ternopil) were dressed in traditional Ukrainian embroidered clothes. Guests from the Jim’s side (his brother who was a best man, and his mother) were dressed in Ukrainian style too. The more so, they kept all the Ukrainian traditions at the wedding! Jim’s brother Mark was holding a crown over the Jim’s head at Church ceremony, Jim’s mother Mary blessed a bride and groom with an icons before the ceremony, at Olya’s home. Mark and Mary are so sweet people! They are very kind, very humorous and they are learned Ukrainian so fast :) ! Ron and I have a big pleasure to be friends to this wonderful family.
I am personally very happy to see Olya and Jim got married. Both of them are amazing people and both deserve to have a love and a family happiness. So I am very glad that one day in February 2007 I said to Olya, “Take a look at this guy on Elena’s Models. Seems to me, he would be a good match for you… Why not to write a letter to him?”. At the same time, Jim got more than 100 letters from beautiful girls on this website, but a picture of just one woman from Ukraine couldn’t give him to sleep at nights. It was picture of the woman of the big blue eyes… It was Olya! Final of this story you know :) Happy-end, guys!
Everybody had a good time at Ukrainian wedding!
We had a very good time at Olya and Jim's wedding!

Girls at Ukrainian wedding
Beautiful girls at the wedding in Ukraine

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