Our First Anniversary!

Mariya and Ron met each other online and now they are happily married

August 4, 2008 we celebrated our first anniversary! Yes, one year since Ron and I were married and two years since we met online. It was Ron’s idea to get married exactly the same day I got a first letter from him through this website. Is it not romantic?
Speaking about how we met. It is quite a story too. August 4, 2007, it was just a right day when Ron contacted me through Elena’s Models website for the first time. I had a big disappointment in my personal life exactly the same day (can you believe?!), so, Ron’s letter was just in time, it was a release, at least for that day :) Now I am thinking, if I would get Ron’s letter day before or day after August 4, probably, things would never work out. Day before, August 3, I still was in another relationship, day after, August 5, I would analyze a lot (I know myself!), is it good or bad for me to start a new communication with a new guy? So, that day, August 4, 2007 I was listening just to my heart, not to my mind. Time made me sure that I did right :) I got a perfect husband, my husband says, he got a wonderful wife :) We are happy together and we are still in our honeymoon!