Looking For Slavic Girls: Two Men’s Fears

I know that usually two things make men afraid of using international dating services: a money scam and a language barrier.
Money scammers are women which ask men to send money for some needs such as “illnesses of relatives”, “to pay for travel visa to visit you”, “to pay for the Internet to communicate with you” etc. Lots of men believe their distant women friends are telling the truth, so they send money, and after that their beauties simply disappear. It is not always women that do the scamming; sometimes a dishonest man will create profiles of Slavic girls and will put pictures of beautiful Ukrainian or Russian models, actresses or singers to the profiles. He also writes letters to the men like from a real girl. Those letters are full of “sincere feeling” and, of course, money asking, so western men who get this letter, have no idea that their “girls” do not exist at all. The Internet is full of such kind of reports, so before you start to correspond with a Slavic beauty, you better check the black lists of women scammers.
Well, now back to my experience.
I will tell you absolutely opposite stories about Ukrainian women who do not even know that the word “scam” exists and what it means. They are my women friends whom I have helped and are presently helping to find their soul mates on the Internet.
One of them had already started correspondence with her future husband (but she did not know yet he will be her husband :). Some emergency situation randomly happened to her and she was REALLY in needed of money, six hundreds dollars. But she did not tell a word about it to her distant western friend! She had to borrow the money, and she took an additional job to be able to pay this loan back, but her soul mate did not know anything about it! He found about her hardship by accident, from other people, when he was already the fiancé of this woman.
Speaking about scammers, which are asking for money “to pay for the Internet”… You know, one of my friends did not even have a computer at home, so she went to an Internet café EVERY DAY to write to her distant boyfriend. I can imagine how much money she spent for it but she NEVER EVER asked her future husband to send her money neither for getting a computer nor for paying for the Internet. Another one my friend did not have a computer at home too, but she bought one and she got the Internet to her apartment, because she knew it is a good investment in her future personal happiness.
Well, our husbands are fortunate that they met us :) What it means is, they knew where to search, on which website. Now we are recommending this website to every man who wants to find a wife in Ukraine.
OK, what about another men’s fear of using international dating services? I mean a language barrier. You know, if English language would be a main criterion for our husband in searching good wives, our guys even would not start looking for Ukrainian girls.
Back to our experience. When one friend of mine started to correspond with her future English-speaking husband, she did not know English AT ALL. So, she used an online translator for her letters to him. The translation was horrible, with lots of mistakes in those letters, but the future husband of my friend recognized a very good girl with a big heart, even with all the grammar errors. Also this friend of mine started to take English lessons on the beginning of her correspondence with the distant boyfriend. Actually, she started to learn from zero, and… After just one year of those lessons, she spoke English so well, that we could not believe it! Her spoken English was very good, but she was not proficient in writing yet. But now, after a couple years of living in England, her written English has improved so much.
Another friend of mine which is married to an American man, studied English at school and University, but… she did not get any chance to practice what she studied, until she met her future husband online. Now her English is getting much better.
My personal language experience is quite a story too. My first email letters to my future husband were so full of errors. And when we met face to face for the first time, my spoken English was even worse than my written so we had to chat by writing to each other on a piece of paper. That was in 2006. If somebody would tell me then, that in 2007 I would start my first blog-site in English, I would not have believed it! But it did happen! So, I would like to advise you: do not be scared that your Ukrainian girlfriend knows very little English or she does not know English at all. Look first, what kind of person she is and whether she could fall in love with you. If she does fall in love with you, she will learn your language quickly so do not worry!
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