So, How I Became An Online Matchmaker?

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If you are lonely man and you would like to find the woman of your life, you will look for her everywhere, it does not matter, whether it is: the closest bar or online dating site. Bars might be a good idea, but chances are better using an online service. Why? It is because the Internet gives you much more opportunities to meet the right person for you. Usually a membership in an online dating agency would cost the same money as spent by you in one night in bar. How many nights do you think you need to spend in bars until you meet Her? But if you bought a membership on a dating site, your chances to find your One and Only are increased many times, because so many women are also looking for their perfect match. And so much scam there too, you can say…
OK, there are two good tips for you.
First, you will be okay, if you will pick a right dating service. The policies of an agency determine what kind of people sign up for their services. A company that actually can verify information provided by the people that sign up for their services would be the most reliable one to use.
Second, learning from other people’s experiences is a sure way to get good results. By reading stories of successful marriages, it will help you make the right decisions in finding a partner for a good friendship which may lead to marriage. Don’t be afraid of taking chances, by having a good preparation and knowing what to look for, you will increase the chances of getting an ideal mate.
Well, look at me. I am a Ukrainian woman-journalist. I worked for Ukrainian newspapers and online news agencies for many years. I was always too busy building my career and making money that I almost missed the opportunity to achieve my personal happiness.
It was time to do something about this… I signed up to several online dating services to seek a mate, but with no success. One day I discovered the online dating service that changed my life and went on to getting married within a short time. The dating service did provide good information on how to find a good match. Then few women, friends of mine, asked me for help in finding husbands. So, this is the way in which I got my hobby of online matchmaker. It is now my passion... and in the past 5 years (2006-2010) my efforts have matched up 5 couples which have led to 5 international marriages (included mine :), all with the help of just one good online dating service!
And do you know what? I knew immediately that THIS ONE will really work! Why? It is because I found lots of testimonials from ex-customers of the website, I saw more than hundred pictures of happy couples which met on the website, and I knew: yes, this is the one! What else I liked about this website is that they post real first names of people. Using real names of the customers is more serious than displaying just their nicknames.
So, now I am happy to tell you more details about the results of my matchmaking activities on this website:
one friend of mine, a wonderful Ukrainian woman, is married to a British man;
my best friend, a woman from Ukraine, is now married to an American man;
another friend of mine, a gorgeous Ukrainian woman (she was my bridesmaid) is married to an American man;
a very bright and energetic Ukrainian woman, which is a friend of mine as well, is married to a British man;
and myself, I am married to a Canadian man.
All of us, four international couples, are doing very well! I would like each of you to be as successful as we were to find a good relationship.
I am very grateful to this online dating website, which helped to find four amazing guys for us, four women from a small Ukrainian city. Finding my husband was a real adventure; it did take several attempts to find the right person for me. So don't expect a perfect match right away. It may happen quickly or it may take years, but what fun you can have in the search! There was not a single day that I was disappointed; even though things did not work out sometimes... I never gave up. It took me a few years of searching before I met my One and Only, but with my experience, it was a lot easier finding good matches for my friends. Now I share my knowledge of successful online dating with everyone who wants to know more about how to find a really good match on the internet and to be happy.

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