If Ukrainian Women Are So Beautiful, Why Do Ukrainian Men Chase X-weighted Chicks?

Ukraine Beautiful Girl In White Dress Ideal of women's beauty for Western men

Ruslana Pysanka Actress Ukrainian

Ideal of women's beauty for Ukrainian men

After Joe Biden called Ukrainian women as “the most beautiful women in the world”, web started to discover, it is true or not :) My favorite piece of these discussions is a saying of the countrygrl9 from Twitter. So, she asked, “Joe Biden, if Ukrainian women are the most beautiful women in the world, why do Ukrainian men leave to chase American thick juicy asses?”
Well, as I am originally from Ukraine, I will tell you, why. It is because Ukrainian men have a different taste for women than Western men. Here you can read more about the ideal of women’s beauty for Ukrainian men.
Yes, most of Ukrainian men, especially who live in small towns and villages, just adore X-weighted women! Why? Because, for Ukrainian country men opinion, the juiciest ass, the more physical work woman can do in a household (Ukrainians work hard physically, especially in villages). I want to say, that Ukrainian overweight woman is different from the Western one. Ukrainian X-weighted woman’s body is solid, you just touch her arm and you will feel muscles, not a fat. The muscles are coming from a hard working physically at home: doing laundry without a washing machine, doing dishes without a dishwasher, digging soil, planting and picking fruits and vegetables without mini-tractor or other agricultural gadgets Western people have. So, Ukrainian men are mistakenly thinking that Western overwaited women are the same. Nope, they are not the same, guys. The Western women's overweight is coming not from their hard physical work; on contrary, it is but coming from the lack of physical activity! Life in a car, no walking, not much heavy work at home (almost everything in a Western house is a "push-a-button" thing), junk food and... Here we go; we got an excellent visual ideal of women's beauty for Ukrainian man.
Back to the Ukrainian life, as I could see, when I used to live in Ukrainian village, a very skinny girl there has not much success in an opposite sex. I did not, by the way, because I was too skinny as well, so I have succeeded more when I moved to the city :) More and more men in Ukrainian cities understand now a model thing; they enjoy a different kind of women’s beauty than the country ones. By the way, there are not much overwaited women in Ukraine, that’s why Ukrainian men are so hungry for “solid” chicks.
P.S. More about Ukrainian men, their characters, interests and habits find out here.

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