Girl Of Spanish-Ukrainian Origin Stefania Fernandez From Venezuela Became A Miss Universe 2009!

Stefania Fernandez Miss Universe 2009 Venezuela Spanish Ukrainian Origin
Visiting Ukraine July 20-22, 2009, Vice-President of USA Joe Biden called Ukrainian women as “the most beautiful women in the world”. You know, he was extremely right! Just in one month, August 24, 2009, we got a gorgeous provement of his words: a girl of Ukrainian descent became a Miss Universe 2009! Well, not just of Ukrainian descent: according to the Wikipedia, Miss Universe 2009 Stefania Fernandez is of Spanish Galician, Russian, Ukrainian and Polish origin, besides, she represented Venezuela at Miss Universe 2009 Pageant. But… you see, what is gonna happen when Spanish and Slavic blood got together? We have the new Miss Universe!
Here is a little bit more about Stefania Fernandez. Stefania’s father is Carlos Fernandez and Stefania’s mother is Nadia Krupij Holojad, a woman of Slavic origin. The interesting fact is that new Miss Universe’s birth name is Stefania Fernandez Krupij. The last names Krupij and Holojad are very common in Ukraine.
And would you like to know the most curious fact? Stefania won a crown of Miss Universe 2009 exactly for Ukrainian Independence Day, August 24! What a gift for Ukraine, of course, for Venezuela (Venezuela also won a Miss Universe 2008), and, actually for Stefania herself, be exact, for her birthday, that coming soon! (Stefania Fernandez Krupij was born September 4, 1990). Stefania also won won the "Miss Elegance", "Best Body" and "Best Face" titles at Miss Universe 2009 Contest.

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