Ukraine Got The World’s Hottest Head Of State?

October 2009. I’m having a big fun watching a list of the hottest heads of state at this blog. I think that the authors of the blog had even more big fun, than I do, when they were making this list, because they are warning their readers do not take all this ranking very seriously. Well, I am not, but… anyway, as Ukrainian woman (well, Ukrainian-Canadian now) I am very proud that Prime Minister of Ukraine Yulia Tymoshenko got a first place of this top! (Although, for my opinion, the President of Argentina Christina Fernandez de Kirchner, which is #5 of this list, look not less hot than Ukraine Prime Minister). So, Ukraine got the world’s hottest head of the state, huh?
Now, speaking more seriously… As Ukrainian woman, I would like to say a big personal “Thank you!” to the Yulia Tymoshenko for the brining a refined, stylish, confident and very feminine image of Ukraine woman worldwide. It wasn’t like this before, I mean, before Yuliya Tymoshenko became a big player on the political stage. Before Tymoshenko’s era almost all the women of Ukrainian authority and policy were looking so matronly, wearing shapeless suits and “iron” perm hairdos. Yulia brought an elegant dresses and hills to the Ukrainian Parliament and Government; her famous braid (take a look at the pictures below)
Ukraine Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko Famous Braid
Famous Braid Of Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenkobecame a big hit in world’s fashion. Some known designers made their models hairdos for the fashion shows in Tymoshenko style. For example, Moschino did it in his Spring/Summer 2005 ready-to-wear collection;
Moschino Spring Summer 2005 Yulia Like Braid
Moschino Spring Summer 2005 Tymoshenko Like Braid
then Givenchy (Autumn-Winter 2006/2007 ready-to-wear collection);
Givenchy Autumn Winter 2006 2007 Tymoshenko Like Braid
Givenchy Autumn Winter 2006 2007 Yulia Like Braid
and Oscar de la Renta (Spring/Summer 2010 ready-to-wear collection).
Oscar De La Renta Spring Summer 2010 Tymoshenko Like Braid
Oscar De La Renta Spring Summer 2010 Yulia Like Braid

Yulia’s outfits always being a big subject to discuss in Ukrainian and world’s media. About 50 percents of Ukraine media blame Yulia for her big love to the Louis Vuitton clothes and accessories: for media’s opinion, to dress in Vuitton is too expensive for the Prime Minister of “such a poor country like Ukraine”. Well, I will tell you something. I think the question is not that much in the cost of clothes, as in fact, how they fit somebody. If some oversized madam would wear a world known brand to the Ukrainian parliament (or any parliament of the world), maybe, nobody would even notice, because if woman is shapeless, even the most expensive dress or suit would look like a sack at her. Yulia Tymoshenko got a great body and gorgeous curves, and it is a first reason, for my opinion, why her outfits driving so much attention.
Speaking about Yulia’s favorite fashion designers, Aina Gasse the Ukrainian designer is one of them. Aina created famous grey dress Tymoshenko worn in February 2005 to the Ukrainian Parliament, when she was declared a Prime Minister of Ukraine for the first time. Actually, this grey dress is one of my favorites in Yulia’s wardrobe; take a look at this amazing cut:
Famous Grey Dress Of Ukraine Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko designer Aina GasseMy second favorite Yulia’s outfit is this one, Ukrainian-styled, with amazing embroidery. This attire was created by women of Socal disctict, Lviv region (Western Ukraine), special for Yulia.
Embroidered Outfit Of Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko Made In Western UkraineNow, from old fashioned to the very modern. Movie-star-like Ukrainian Prime Minister going to the meeting with youth; of course, Yulia is wearing jeans, why else do you expect her to wear, going to socialize with young people? Take a look at this picture: aren’t authors of this blog were right? Isn’t she hot? Yes, she is! Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko Casual OutfitAnd finally, I want to share with you one more my favorite picture of Ukrainian Prime-Minister. Here she is, having official meeting with Joe Biden the Vice-President of USA, in his visit to Ukraine in July 2009. I am wondering, isn’t the same meeting, where Joe Biden called Ukrainian women as the most beautiful women in the world?
Joe Biden Yulia Tymoshenko Having Good Time
Here is a video from the meeting of Joe Biden and Yulia Tymoshenko.

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