Christmas Eve Engagement In Belize

Imagine: you are in nice restaurant, surrounding by cozy atmosphere and enjoying your delicious meal, then all of sudden a guy from next table is kneeling down and asking his girl: “Will you marry me?”. After her “yes” and probably her tears of joy all the guests of this restaurant applaud to the couple with big smiles on their faces: absolutely unexpectedly, they became witnesses of engagement! What a romantic adventure!
So, how many times have you seen the described scene in movies? Plenty of times, I guess. And how many times have you seen such a romantic engagement in real life? Maybe, once, maybe, twice, right?
Well, my husband and I did not see ANY of those engagements in real; except, of course, our engagement, which, by the way, happened in a restaurant too :) So, we did not see any of somebody else engagements until our travel to Belize for Christmas 2009.
It was Christmas Eve and we were in Chef Rob Gourmet Café in Hopkins village. We enjoyed our drinks after meal and all of sudden somebody have announced: “He just proposed! They are engaged!” All the guests in café turned their heads to the table with a happy couple and started to applaud! Then friends of just engaged brought a bottle of champagne and had a toast: to the future family of Selena and Brandon! (Sorry guys, if I misspelled your names!).
After the toast my husband and I went to congratulate new engages. We told them, that they made our Christmas Eve (which was true): because they were first couple whose engagement we ever seen in real. Selena and Brandon told us that they know each other for 14 years! Finally, this Christmas Eve 2009 became a new beginning of their life: they decided to be a family.
Our sincere congratulations to you, guys!
Hopkins Belize Christmas Eve Just EngagedHere is Selena and Brandon. Sorry for the quality of picture: we did not take a good camera with us that night. Well, maybe, next time, for somebody else engagement… :)

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