Happy Easter to Everyone Who is in Love and Who is Looking for Love

Easter is just around the corner! It means, that people worldwide are painting (knitting, crocheting, beading and cross stitching) an Easter Eggs. I am Ukrainian and I am very proud that Ukraine has introduced Pysanka (painted Easter Egg) to the world. Traditionally this painting is of geometric patterns which are special symbols, each of the elements of the patterns. Modern artists, though, use all their creativity to make their Pysankas unique, like an artist Marie-Hellen from France doing it. Take a look at the picture of her art called “Pâques Provence” (“Easter in Provence”)
Pâques Provence Enamoured Easter Eggs France
Marie-Hellen created an Easter Eggs couple or Easter Eggs in love, whatever: her Easter Eggs are girl and boy in traditional Provence costumes.
Something similar is made by Ukrainian artist (too bad, I did not write down his name): this is an Easter Eggs couple in traditional Ukrainian headpieces. I took this picture in Kolomyia Pysanka Museum (Ivano-Frankivsk region, Western Ukraine)
Enamored Ukrainian Easter Eggs Kolomya Museum
So, as we can see, artists around the world, even not knowing each other, create their enamored Easter Eggs :) It means that spirit of love (or spirit of spring?) doesn’t have any borders. Yes, Easter does symbolizes spring, because Easter is always happen to be in spring, so, nature is waking up and our desire to love and to be loved is waking up as well.
Happy Easter to everyone who is in love and who is looking for love!

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