How Many People Around The World Have Met Their Love Online?

Our trip to Belize at Christmas 2009 was full of Mayan spirit, fascinating adventures and interesting coincidences. One of the biggest of these coincidences was… Well, let me start from beginning.

Jennie and Paul

During almost all our travel we have stayed at Roaring River Golf Course which is in 2 miles from Belmopan the capital of Belize. This is only golf course on a mainland. I would say it is unique place for golfing and accommodation! When I crossed the gate to the golf course for the first time, I forgot what this place made for :) (Golfing). I was so amazed of trees, plants and flowers around, and my first impression was: it is some magic garden, kind of tropical paradise! (take a look at the picture below)
Roaring River Golf Course Belize
Everything is made so nicely, cultured, having a bit of Mayan flavor (as most of stuff in Belize). And… I did not smell any ugly chemical that they usually use on golf courses. It is because there are no any chemical used, Paul, the owner of the Roaring River Golf Course golf course, explained to us later. Roaring River Golf Course is environmentally friendly, “otherwise how all these birds would survive here and how our lady-croc in our pond would have her babies crocs?”, Paul’s wife Jennie told us with a big smile on her face.
What else we were impressed staying at the golf course, it is a restaurant. Each meal was incredible delicious! Actually, at the Roaring River Golf Course restaurant I had the best shrimps I ever ate in my life! Oh, these people know how to make shrimps! There are no shrimp dishes in the restaurant menu that I did not like, I liked all of them! My husband and I especially loved Caribbean Island Shrimps, which are slightly spiced and cooked in their shells. It’s something! Paul and Jennie told us, it is their family recipe. Two more dishes from the menu were our favorite: Mayan pork chops and sibun fish fillets.
We also meet some nice people dining in the restaurant: they told us, that meal in this restaurant is the best in whole Belmopan area! Oh yes, we totally agree with it. And we cannot forget an incredible hospitality of Paul and Jennie, the owners of the place (they are on the picture below).
Paul And Jennie From The Roaring River Golf Course Belize
Paul and Jennie are happily married since 2005. They both are amazing people: very open, sincere and friendly. One night when we were dining I couldn’t resist asking them my favorite question which I am ask to every new family I have been met, “So, how you two meet each other?” “We met online”, Paul and Jennie have answered. Wow! What a coincidence! Ron and I were happy to tell them, that we found each other online too. So, we all started to talk about our online dating adventures: we told Paul and Jennie our story, they told us theirs. Paul is originally from South Africa; Jennie is from South Carolina (USA). So, they found each other on Internet and after some time of online correspondence they decided to meet in person. And… what a coincidence again! Paul proposed to Jennie after more than week, when he saw her in real for the first time. Just exactly like my husband Ron: he proposed to me on the 10th day of our first real meeting!
So, we were very happy to meet Paul and Jennie from the Roaring River Golf course and of course we took a picture of us, two couples which met each other online, here we are, from the left to the right: my husband Ron, myself (Maria), Jennie and Paul.
Two Couples Met Each Other Online Cot Married

Danielle and Jeremy

One of the romantic Belizean nights we went to dine in amazing place called Table Rock Jungle Lodge. This is actually a lodge, restaurant and a small farm where owners of the Table Rock grow fruits for the needs of the place. Why Ron and I, actually, picked this place from the number of travel lodges in Belize, because they had a word “farm” on the sign. We came to see a farm and we were stunned by the beauty of the Table Rock Jungle Lodge. There are only three rooms in the lodge, built in cabana style, very nice and cozy. Jungle around are cleaned and lots of trees and flowers are blossoming by the rooms and a restaurant. Well, restaurant it is really something (have a look at the picture below): 
Table Rock Jungle Lodge Restaurant Belize
open terrace surrounded by exotic greenery; twittering birds around; mahogany tables and beautiful tropic flowers in tiny vases on the tables; bamboo bar and real gas lamp on the bar counter; and finally, sincerity and hospitality the owners and staff of the place… What can be better in the humid jungle like a glass of fresh organic orange-and-lime juice, made by Jen the manager of the Table Rock Jungle Lodge! While Jen’s husband Chris (he is a chef of the restaurant) was making a delicious dinner for us, we got a chance to talk to Allan and Colleen the owners of the Table Rock Jungle Lodge. They told us a story, how this incredible place started, only few years ago. Allan and Colleen went to Belize as tourists, camping. They felt in love with this area and this particular spot so much that they got idea to start a travel lodge here. Allan and Colleen made everything from scratch and now it is one of the top tourist places of Belize.
Close to the dinner time other guests of the Table Rock started to show up, that’s how we met Danielle and Jeremy from Boston. They just got married and they were spending their honeymoon in this travel lodge. Besides, the day we came was a Danielle’s birthday! Here she is on the picture with her husband Jeremy and her birthday’s cupcake:
Newlyweds On Their Honeymoon In Belize They Met Each Other Online
We started to talk to the newlyweds and, of course, I asked them my question about, how they met each other. “We met online”, they have answered. Oh my! What a coincidence again! “Do you know guys that my husband and I met online too?” I smiled to Danielle and Jeremy.
Well, this coincidence was worth a picture of all of us, two married couples that met online. From the right to the left: Ron, myself, Jeremy and Danielle.
Two Happy Couples Which Met Each Other Online

Halya and Tony

On our way home, from Belize to Canada, we stopped in USA visiting our good friends Halya and Tony. I know Halya for many years; she is originally from Western Ukraine as I am. Halya’s husband Tony is from Texas (USA). Guess, where they two met? Online, guys :), besides, with my help as a matchmaker :) Well, in Halya’s case I did not have to do that lot of matchmaking job as I have done for other friends of mine. Halya was very easy to work with. I just introduced her to the website, where my husband Ron and I met and where I found husbands for other my friends. So, Halya and Tony met on this website as well, they start to e-mail each other and chat, and in the beginning of their correspondence Halya told me about Tony and asked my opinion about him. As a woman with experience of online dating, I saw that Tony is a decent guy; I knew he would match Halya’s personality very well, so their relationship should work. That’s all I told to Halya still in 2007 and, you see, I was right: Halya and Tony felt in love, got married and they are doing great in their marriage! Here is a picture of Tony and Halya:
American Ukrainian Family They Met Each Other Online
and here are all of us, in our visit to Texas. From the right to the left: Ron, myself, Halya, Tony.
Two Happy Families Which Met Each Other Online
So, if in only two weeks of our vacations we met three couples which met each other online, well, ours was forth, I just bit of curios to know, how many people around the world have met their love online? My husband is better with numbers, one of his jobs was an accounting, so he found somewhere info that 1 out of 8 couples married in the USA in 2007 met online. Well, it is only in USA and only in 2007 (Ron didn’t find more fresh statistic yet), what about other countries?
Anyway, this is a question, which I would address to the statistics and scientists. I just want to admit that people start to think about meeting a partner online as a regular thing, nothing unusual anymore, as it was in the middle of 1990th, for example. Nowadays, journalists (or scientists?) even created a new word for finding a spouse online. This word is a netrimony :) Funny, isn’t?

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