A Wreath from Ukraine: Old Traditions and Modern Twists

Wreath made from flowers and leaves is a traditional Ukrainian headdress which was worn by girls or unmarried women in old times. Wreath (vinok in Ukrainian) has a very big symbolism in Ukrainian dating culture. Back to past centuries, a saying “She lost her wreath” meant “She is not a virgin anymore”, not literally though, but as a figure. In real, it was a big shame when Ukrainian girl lost her virginity before the marriage: she had to do it on her first wedding night.
Anyway, a wreath, made from flowers, doesn’t matter, real ones or fake ones, always was a wedding headpiece for Ukraine bride: together with long bands in old times and with veil nowadays. Well, now you can find a huge variety of bridal headdresses in Ukrainian stores: wreath, half wreath and single flowers, along with ribbons or veil or without it. For example, when I was getting married, I had a half wreath with little roses, without any bands or veil (take a look at the picture below):
Marriage Ceremony In Church Ukraine Wreath Traditional Bridal Headpiece
Here is a close-up of my wedding wreath:
Bridal Wreath Ukraine Pink White Roses
This beautiful Ukrainian bride Halyna had her wedding wreath with real daisies, along with long blue and white ribbons, instead of veil: everything was so color coordinated with her white-blue embroidered bridal outfit in ethnic style! Halyna’s bridal wreath was also perfectly matched with her daisies and white roses bouquet:
Beatiful Bride In Wreath From Real Camomiles Western Ukraine
I would like you to take a closer look at this incredible Ukrainian beauty:
Beautiful Ukrainian Bride In Wreath With Real Camomiles
I was writing already, that getting married in ethnic style is very fashionable in Ukraine now, so more and more local artists and craft makers are coming up with new ideas for traditional Ukrainian weddings and outfits for newlyweds. Natalia Lyashok the craft maker from the city of Ternopil (she is on the picture below) created these amazing wreaths-headbands:
Natalia Lyashok From Ukraine Made These Headbands Wreaths From Flowers
Actually, hair bands with flowers are a big fashion trend nowadays, so Natalia’s craft is a perfect combination of something traditional (Ukrainian wreath) and something modern (a headband). She made variety of these headpieces: some of them look like full wreaths and some of them are headbands with single flower. The ones with single flower can be worn even casually and the ones of a wreath shape are perfect for bridal headdress, if wedding is in Ukrainian style; also these cute headbands-wreaths are good for Ukrainian dancers-girls or singers-girls:
Hairband Flowers Wreath Invention From Ukraine By Natalia Lyashok City Of Ternopil
Natalia Lyashok had represented her flower hair bands at the Second West Ukrainian Tourism Festival in Ternopil and here is a full story about this wonderful celebration of Ukrainian arts and crafts.