Wedding Transportation in Ukraine

Wedding transportation is a big part of the whole wedding planning. Without any doubts, a princess-bride expects to have the most spectacular carriage in her life and her prince-groom dreams about his white horse as well. But, honestly, what can we mostly imagine, talking about a wedding transportation? I bet, a limo, that’s how far our imagination usually goes. Well, some creative couples think about horse and buggy or bicycle as their wedding transportation’s unit, which is at least something original and which is having a fun element in it.
Anyway, today I would like to talk about all kinds of wedding transportation in a certain country: Ukraine. I am sure you will be surprised of variety of the wedding transportation units over there.
Ok, let start from the big ones: limos. Yes, now you can easily rent a limousine for a wedding in Ukraine. You can find limo rentals in almost all the Ukrainian cities. Approximate price of limo rent is $100 per hour, depend on a city.
Here is a gorgeous wedding limo driving newlyweds in Ivano-Frankivsk city (Western Ukraine):
Wedding Limo Ivano Frankivsk Western Ukraine
Except limo, you can rent practically any kind of car in Ukraine for your wedding: from Mercedes-Benz or Chrysler to classic cars. Actually, now it is a huge fashion in Ukraine to have a classic car for a wedding: some cabriolet like this one, in Ivano-Frankivsk city
Newlyweds Classic Car Ivano Frankivsk Western Ukraine
or Pobeda GAZ-M20 in Ternopil city (Western Ukraine):
Pobeda Classic Car For Newlyweds Ternopil City West Ukraine
Next, I would like you to meet Antonina and Orest Kutran the newlyweds from Ternopil. As they had their Ukrainian styled wedding, in traditional Ukrainian costumes, with Ukrainian folk music etc, the newlyweds decided that car made in Ukraine will suit their wedding the most. Antonina and Orest picked a Zaporozhets ZAZ-968 as their wedding ride:
Newlyweds ZAZ 968 Ternopil Ukraine
Anna Pentsak and Taras Donchura the newlyweds from the Lviv city (Western Ukraine) went even further: they rented a whole Zaporozhets ZAZ-965 cortège (13 vehicles) for their wedding. The wedding was very special: 1960th themed. The bride, groom and almost all the guests were dressed in style of 1960th. It was very colorful wedding: colorful clothes, colorful cars, even bride’s veil was pink, not traditionally white. I also like groom’s Elvis-styled hairdo :) Here they are, Anna and Taras, just married and posing to photographers at their wedding classic yellow Zaporozhets at the Rynok Square (Lviv downtown):
Newlyweds Zaporozhets 965 Lviv City Western Ukraine
It is funny, but I just realized that my husband and I had a yellow transportation unit at our wedding too! But we didn’t have any cars, only bus. The bus is a property of the Veseli Halychany folk music band and also is a subject of a public transportation of Ternopil city (bus route no. 36). The Veseli Halychany played at our wedding and we rented their bus as well. The question was, we had 2 and half hours drive from Ternopil to the Lviv city, because our wedding ceremony was in the Church of Wisdom Divine in Lviv. This is a beautiful wooden church of 18 century. I picked this church for the ceremony because I wanted to get married somewhere in very special and romantic place, besides, Lviv city is very dear for us, because we met in real for the first time in Lviv (before to meet each other in real, we met online on this amazing website). Ron, my husband, agreed with me about getting married in Lviv and having our wedding reception in a village’s restaurant near Ternopil, but some my relatives and friends were wondering: “Why do you need to go somewhere just for a ceremony? Why not to pick a church closer to Ternopil? It is almost three hours drive!” Yes, two or three hours drive it is already a big distance for Ukrainians. But in Canada, where my husband is originally from, two or three hours it is not a serious distance at all. So, we did not listen anybody, we rented a bus, we got it decorated with Ukrainian embroidered towels and sunflowers (as we had our wedding in traditional Ukrainian style) and… we went to Lviv for the most exciting adventure of our life: getting married :) So, here is our wedding bus, called Bogdan, made in West Ukraine:
Wedding Bus Western Ukraine
Well, we had some rain in our road, which is messed up a bit the bus decorations, but… who cared :)? It was a huge fun for us, to stay together in the bus with our guests, joking and singing all the way long from Lviv to our reception place :) Here is a video of our wedding ride:

Ok, Ron and I rented a public transportation unit, but guess what another international family (Ukrainian-Norwegian) did? They had a… fire truck as their wedding vehicle. No, I am not joking. Ukrainian bride Oksana Tsurkan and her groom from Norway Vegard Saether got married in Vinnytsia city (Central Ukraine), where Oksana is originally from (Oksana and Vegard met online). As Oksana is a journalist (newspaper reporter) and as she wrote a lot about emergency situations in her city, Oksana’s friends decided to make a surprise for newlyweds: to rent them a fire truck for their wedding. To rent a truck like this it is a legal procedure in Ukraine and rental cost of the truck is 340 UAH per hour. Take a look at the happy newlyweds and their unusual wedding transportation:
Newlyweds Fire Truck Vinnytsia City Western Ukraine
Next we go from a fire truck to a bicycle. It is not really something new worldwide when bride and groom ride bicycles to their ceremony place, but it is absolutely new trend for Ukraine. At least I know so far about two bicycle wedding in Ukraine: one in 2008 in Dnipropetrovsk city (Central Ukraine) and one in 2009 in Kharkiv city (Eastern Ukraine). Actually, here is a picture from the wedding in Kharkiv: not only bride and groom are riding bicycles, but all the guests following them on bicycles as well:
Bride And Groom On Bicycles Wedding In Kharkiv Ukraine
Newlyweds’ names are Olga and Andriy Zaretsky. Olga and Andriy are big fans of the bicycle sport and tourism. Take a look at this beautiful Ukrainian bride Olga: girls like her seem to be born to spend their life in carriages or limos, but… Olga has chosen а bicycle.
Beautiful Ukrainian Bride
I can tell you, looks like these Ukrainian girls cannot live without extreme. One bride is riding bicycle, another one a horse, just like this:
Wedding In Ukrainian Carpathians Bride And Bridesmaids
You just saw a picture of the bride and her bridesmaids from Ukrainian Carpathians. And here is her groom, riding a horse as well:
Wedding in Ukrainian Carpathians Groom On A Horse
I want to say, well, here is a real retro in Ukrainian wedding transportation: riding a horse to a marriage ceremony and from the ceremony. It is a tradition in Carpathian area of Ukraine: a tradition that lasts for centuries. It is always trendy for locals and always will. Actually, it is the most reliable and “green” kind of a wedding transportation: don’t need a gasoline, saving your money and environment and looks amazingly picturesque and romantic!
And finally, here is even more reliable and greener kind of your wedding transportation: your own feet! Yes, in small Ukrainian towns and villages, where everything is in walking distance, people don’t need cars or even horses for their wedding day: bride, groom and all the guests just WALKING to the ceremony place, from the ceremony place, everywhere. Just like this wedding, in the Pidhaitsi town (Ternopil oblast, West Ukraine):

or like this, a wedding of my very dear friends Olya and Jim.
Ukrainian American Wedding in Western Ukraine
Olya is from Ukraine and Jim is from USA, I am very happy that I have matched them online. They got married in Ternopil and they and we are, all their guests, just walked to the church for Olya and Jim’s marriage ceremony: what sense to order a car if church is in 10 minutes walking?
However, Olya and Jim’s reception place was quite far from the church, so, when we, few close friends of bride and groom, were planning this wedding, we decided that horse and buggy, well, a carriage would be the best option to take newlyweds to the restaurant after church, and we were right: this carriage thing matches so well with Olya and Jim creative and romantic personalities! Here is a picture of their happy ride from the church to the reception place:
Carriage For Newlyweds Ukrainian American Wedding
Now, take a look below, at the picture of other newlyweds from Ternopil: Iryna and Ostap Markovych. Iryna and Ostap had their wedding in traditional Ukrainian style and their wedding vehicle was… guess, what? Right, it was horse and buggy too! I told you, it is a big fashion now in Ukraine to have something very vintage for your wedding transportation!
Newlyweds On Horse And Buggy Ternopil Ukraine
Long life ride to all the newlyweds!