Model-like Ukrainian women on vacations

Beautiful Ukrainian Woman in Budapest
What model is wondering around on these beautiful streets of Budapest? Well, this is not a model (but she could be!); this is my best friend Olya from Ukraine. Oh, here is another picture of Olya from her Budapest vacations:
Beautiful Ukrainian Woman Traveling in Budapest
If this photo still looks like a scene from some model photo shoot for you, you are almost right, and I will tell you as a Ukrainian woman: majority of us look like models! If the most famous Ukrainian woman nowadays Yulia Tymoshenko was called a world's hottest head of state in 2009, I think, it can tell you a lot about how beautiful women are in this country. And they don’t have to be professional models to look like ones. For example, the model-like Olya, which is the best friend of mine, is a journalist from western Ukraine. Sorry, guys, but she is not available: in 2008 Olya got married to Jim, an amazing American guy, and they are happy together. I am very proud I have helped these two wonderful people to find each other in this big world. I did it online, using a web-source where I met my husband: I placed Olya’s profile over there and after some searches I have found a man, who, I thought, may be right for her. And he IS right for her!
So, if you are single man, you can see now, that it is absolutely for real to find such a gorgeous flower like Olya: there are plenty of model-look Ukrainian woman on the website, where we all found each other.
Oh, and one more picture for you from my best friend’s Budapest vacations: Olya with her daughter Ira (they were traveling to Budapest together). Hard to say for the first sight, which one is mother, which one is daughter, isn’t? Both look like sisters. Yeah, this is a beauty of Ukrainian women for you!
Model Like Ukrainian Women Traveling in Budapest

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