American Idol’s Contestant Inessa Lee Met Her Husband at the Same Site I Did!

American Idol's Contestant Inessa Lee from Ukraine
So, today is February 14, 2011, and I just got to know, maybe, the best media news I have heard at this Valentine’s Day: that American Idol’s contestant Inessa Lee (at the picture above) is originally from Ukraine (the city of Zhytomyr) and she met her husband at the same site I met my hubby, besides, where I helped out four friends of mine to find their destinies :)
Inessa Lee got married to an American guy she met on this website and she moved to USA in 2009.
“Inessa tells us the Internet love gamble paid off for her ... even though her attempt on "Idol" didn't”, the TMZ said.
Well, at least, it is very good to know that her marriage is working out, this is the main thing.
Speaking about musical career, Inessa is only 22 years old, so whole life still ahead of her and lots of time to build up her success as a singer.
So, Inessa Lee is married to her American husband since 2009… My friends Tanya and Bill whom I helped to met through this amazing website, are happily married since 2006; my husband and I are (we met at the same source) still in our honeymoon since 2007 :) ; my best friend Olya got married to her American husband Jim in 2008 – I helped them to met through this website as well; then there were Halya and Tony – they got married in 2009, Nadia and Richard – got married in 2010. I am very happy, that ALL of our marriages successful; and I also glad I got this so exciting hobby of mine which is matchmaking! (Yes, it is only my hobby, not an occupation - I am a freelance journalist).
Back to Inessa Lee, here is her personal website where you can get to know more about her.

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