Another Top 12 the Most Beautiful and Famous Ukrainian Women (Just Started)

I have created already a Top 12 the Most Beautiful and Famous Ukrainian Women. But time went by since then and new beauties of Ukrainian background (or born in Ukraine) became famous worldwide, so, now I see, it is about time to start another Top 12 the Most Beautiful and Famous Ukrainian Women. So far I have only three girls in my list, but, as I said, the list is just started and more amazing and popular Ukrainian girls to come.
Here is my beautiful three (in alphabetic order by last name):

Vera Farmiga

Actress Vera Farmiga Ukrainian Background

Photo by: Csztova

Vera Farmiga is a known American actress and director. She was born in New Jersey. Vera is a one of the seven kids of Ukrainian immigrants Mykhailo, a computer-systems analyst, and Luba Farmiga, a schoolteacher. Vera did not speak English untill the age of six. Vera also was a professional folk dancer in Ukrainian folk-dancing ensemble, Syzokryli.
Vera made her Broadway debut in 1996. Since then, she started to appear in television and movies. One of Farmiga’s big successes was her appearance in the horror-thriller Orphan (2009). This movie is about a couple who, after the death of their unborn child, adopt a mysterious 9-year old girl. Orphan received lots of reviews, mostly mixed or average reviews, and made $76,699,632 million worldwide, Wikipedia says.
Farmiga starred with George Clooney in comedy-drama Up in the Air (2009) and she was nominated to Oscar in March 2010 as Best Supporting Actress. Earlier Vera got a Golden Globe Award for the part in the Up in the Air.
Here is a video of Vera Farmiga telling that she is proud of her Ukrainian heritage:

Stefania Fernandez

Miss Universe 2009 Stefania Fernandez Venezuela

Stefania Fernandez won a title of Miss Universe 2009. She represented Venezuela, her homecountry, but, according to Wikipedia, Stefania herself is of Ukrainian, Russian, Polish and Spanish Galician origin. Stefania’s father is Carlos Fernandez and Stefania’s mother is Nadia Krupij Holojad, a woman of Slavic origin. The interesting fact is that new Miss Universe’s birth name is Stefania Fernandez Krupij. The last names Krupij and Holojad are very common in Ukraine.
Also, curious fact is that Stefania won a crown of Miss Universe Pageant 2009 exactly on Ukrainian Independence Day, which is August 24!

Erin Karpluk

Erin Karpluk Canadian Actress of Ukrainian Descent

Erin Karpluk is a Canadian actress of Ukrainian descent. Erin was born in Jasper (Alberta) to a high school principal mother and a father who worked for the railway, Wikipedia says.
Erin Karpluk began her acting career in 2000 and the biggest Erin’s success so far is a role of Erica Strange in CBC television comedy-drama series Being Erica (started to shoot in 2009 and did not finish yet). Being Erica is very popular in Canada and distributed by BBC Worldwide to 29 more countries. There are three seasons of this television drama and forth one, final, to come.
Here is a trailer of Being Erica:

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