Ukrainian Wedding Music

I would like to introduce you my favorite Ukrainian wedding music. So, down below you can listen to some songs which are being played at almost every wedding in Ukraine. Of course, there are more of them you can enjoy at typical Ukrainian wedding party: I am posting now few very common, which are my most favorite ones, at the same time :)
The songs are performed by the Express band and… big thanks to Zakharii for his amazing slide-shows!

P.S. I got a very nice comment for this post – from Ed (thank you, Ed!). Here, what he wrote, They are truly beautiful songs especially for such important event like weddings. So the question is; how and where I can find a good Ukrainian wife?”
Well, Ed, I am Ukrainian wife myself and I am happily married to my Canadian husband, since 2007. My husband and I met online at this source. It worked for us, it worked for friends of ours, so, we hope, it will work for you, too!