Our Happy Ride!

Time goes by very quickly, and this year (2011) Ron and I were celebrating our 5th anniversary since we met online and met in real.
We met online on this amazing website, and just after couple weeks of our correspondence, which was mostly about our families stories, roots and ancestry (we both of Ukrainian background), Ron (he is Canadian) came to Ukraine to meet me in real. He flew to Lviv, which is a favorite city of mine, and, how it turned out later, Lviv became one of the favorite cities of Ron. We met in Lviv, we got married in Lviv and after 5 years of us being together we keep returning to this beautiful and magical city – not just in our dreams, but in reality too.
One of our things to do for fun, when we met in 2006 and knew each other very little, was a horse-and-buggy ride in Lviv. It was very nice ride which brought us to a romantic mood and to an understanding that something special is started to going on between us two. Here are picture from our Lviv’s ride in 2006:
Our horse and buggy ride, Lviv, Ukraine

Horse and buggy ride, Lviv, Ukraine
So, in 2011, in our travel to Lviv, we took another ride –to celebrate our 5th anniversary of being together. Here we are, andour gorgeous horse and buggy (I would say – a carriage):
Horse and Carriage ride, Lviv, West Ukraine

Horse and carriage ride, Lviv, Ukraine

Happy couple is taking horse and carriage ride, Lviv, Ukraine
I wish to all couples to have such a happy and romantic ridelike Ron and I have – through all the life!

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