Don’t Be Alone for Christmas!

Christmas Tree Ornament A Heart
Here is another year almost passed by – 2011. Christmas is just around the corner. Or it is already? I look at the window, I see snow is shining on a sun, I see Christmas decorations by each house on our street… And I think, Christmas is not just a calendar day – Christmas it is a time when you really FEEL it with all your soul. It is may be sooner or can be a little bit later – as long as snow is shining, as long as your kitchen smells with cinnamon and apples… And a fur tree… And a nice candle… And a feel-good movie is playing on TV… And your beloved person is with you – that’s a main thing of your real feeling of a Christmas.
Yes, now my husband Ron and I have this real feeling of Christmas – because we finally found each other in this big world. We met in a very modern way – in a way that many folks are finding each other nowadays: online! To be more specific, we found each other right here, on this website.
How many holidays Ron and I spent apart before we met each other – well, to be honest, a lot. Now we got OUR Christmas (by the way, it is Ron and mine fifth Christmas together – I can tell you, guys that time goes by so fast!),
Don't be alone for Christmas
and OUR fir tree in a snow,
Fur Tree Merry Christmas
and OUR ornaments,
Christmas Tree Ornaments
and OUR Christmas cookies,
Christmas Cookies
and OUR perfect winter meal - a moose stew with a buckwheat side which is some kind of culinary link between Ukraine and Canada: moose meat mostly belong to a Canadian cuisine, buckwheat is to a Ukrainian one
Moose Stew and Buckwheat Side
I am originally from Ukraine, Ron is of Ukrainian background, but he is Canadian born and now we both live in Canada. And we are happily married since 2007, and we are not alone for Christmas anymore – we have each other, and we have OUR Christmas tree, and… (Read above)
So, another year – 2011 – is almost finished, and we would like to say a big “Thank you!” to everyone who has been with us this whole year: to our family, to our friends, and I am personally, as an author of the Life With A Ukrainian Wife would like to say a huge “THANKS!” to all my readers and subscribers. Thanks a lot guys! Thanks for all your comments and rates and messages!
I am glad for all my single readers who decided - it is about time to change and do something with their personal life. Very often I am getting messages like this one, “I would like to get connected and get started...” Well, guys, I want to clear a situation here. I am happy that you probably think that I am a professional matchmaker and a matchmaking – that’s what I do for living. Nope, I am not a professional matchmaker and matchmaking is not my job. It is just MY HOBBY, my interest (as you can read very above, in a description of this blog), and I am gladly doing matchmaking for friends of mine only. BTW, I was thinking lately that I am kinda losing this my hobby, because less and less of my friends remain unmarried, and it is good!
So, I am helping to friends of mine ONLY to find a right life partner. What I can do for everyone else, especially for the single readers of the Life With A Ukrainian Wife, is to redirect them to the online dating source where my husband and I met, and where I found spouses for my dear friends. Believe us, this site is really works!
How else can I help others to find their soul mates (especially if they are men and they are looking for Ukrainian women), it is to give them some online dating tips from my personal experience and experiences of my friends - how to make online search for a life partner better and more successful; in other words, how to make it work and… not to be alone for Christmas.
Thanks again guys for being with us all this 2011 year! Happy Holidays to everyone!

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