Best Proposals Ever!

I would like to share with you some YouTube videos with the best marriage proposals ever – well, for my personal opinion. I want to bring your memory to the day when you proposed/been proposed. Or maybe these videos will give you some ideas in case if you just going to propose to you beloved.
Speaking about my personal experience being proposed, oh, it was much simpler than in those stories on YouTube. But it always will be the best one for me over any proposal in the world!
So, my husband Ron asked his “Will you marry me?” in about one month after we found each other online (here is a spot where we met). I didn’t give him an answer right away – I was thinking entire day what I have to do. I can only imagine what he felt all this day. Well, I don’t have to imagine anymore – he told me how he felt, after I finally have answered him “Yes!” next day, after he proposed. So, Ron told me, what would happen if I would say “No” or I would keep thinking what to do - “I decided to stay in Ukraine and every day ask you to marry me, till you say “Yes”, he said (Ron is Canadian and I am originally from Ukraine). Here you can read more about our story.
Well, back to the videos I want to show you – sorry, I am talking too much :) I personally love these videos a lot – the ones I picked for you. These stories touch my heart every time when I watch them. Hope you enjoy them, too!