All You Need is Love

Just to bring a smile to your face :) First picture – carrots big hug – is already very popular online:
All you need is love
 And the second one - two carrots which are definitely in love – I took myself. More than that – I grew it myself, at our Canadian garden:
Carrots in Love
Six years ago, in 2006, my husband Ron and I still were single and lonely; in the same year – 2006 - we met online; in 2007 was our wedding; now is 2012 and we are happily married for 5 years already, enjoying each other and even have our vegetable garden with carrots, beets, potatoes and other delicious and healthy (organic!) veggies.
Today I think, well, it’s kind of funny – Ron and I are both Ukrainians which born and grew up on two different continents (I am originally from Ukraine and Ron is Canadian, of Ukrainian background); we met each other online at dating website which is based in Australia and run by Russian lady. How unpredictable and cute life can be sometimes! Cute like those carrots and full of love like them :) And like us :)